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BossLadie's FavoriteTraveling Tips

Welcome to my first blog! Im so excited to share some of my fav tips for #traveling.

Step 1:

Purchasing Flights & Picking Location

So im all over the place with where I wanna go! Im gonna give you tips on pre Covid!

TIP #1: Passport if you do NOT have a passport don't worry! As long as you have Proof Of Travel you can go 1 day or 2 weeks prior to your trip to the Dallas passport office downtown with proof of travel leaving country an pay $175.00 for them to print passport right there. Appointment is required.



I never really have a place I'm dyeing to go so I follow @CHEAPDFW on Instagram they post the best deals online period! If the price is right I book It , now with this site you have to book within the 72hour window or it will be gone. (big group is recommended to buy at same time)


Hawaii for $320 round trip

Turks & Caicos $300 round trip

Vegas,Cali,Miami $75-$170 Round Trip

GOOGLE FLIGHTS:Google has their own flight page an shows all pricing if you left on certain days to find the lowest fair an Time to leave, also skipplagg is amazing but can only take carryon!

Turks. & Caicos



Now hotels used to be my fav, until I discovered AIRBNB , not only can you find your own personal house you can fit so many more people by splitting the cost instead of separate rooms at a hotel. (example: AIRBNB sleeps 10 is $350-$600 a night instead of a hotel being that a night for 2-4 people.) I usually pay more than everyone else so I get master room.

AirBnb perks:

  • Washer& Dryers are everything so packing is a breeze!

  • Usually have a grill so you can have your own dinners and not eat out everynight save some money to do other activities!

  • You get to purchase your own liquor, food, snacks, drinks

  • Bring ya own music vibe out an no one bothers you!

  • Comes with house host an that is who I use to learn the city, what activities to do , sets up airport transportation, chefs, excursions and more.



PACKING it all!

Now we always wanna save with packing an bags on flight, now using #cheapdfw usually are low economy flights so no free bags just personal (backpack, or duffel) usually on spirit its cheaper to take full size bags than a carry on so pack it up!!!

I pack with packing cubes to keep organized and maximize my space! I always carry makeup and hair stuff on my personal duffel to make room for other things.

Tennis shoes I wear on the plane cause they are bulky an heavy

Always try to travel out country with cash! Makes it easier for everyone!



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Yasss 🙌🏼🔥❤️ Love it I needed tips and this is just PERFECT


Hope you all love!!

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